Nov 09

Over the Air 2010

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I had attended last year and had a great time (OTA ’09). Some of the sessions I had attended in ’09 were being run again so I took a slant towards web based technologies.

Bruce Lawson – Web Dev 2.0 (Web Evangelist at Opera)


CSS3 is not available on browsers and not all devices. Need to consider for mobile how the operations work i.e. transitions can drain power in a mobile device.

HTML5 is a direct competitor to Flash and Silverlight. Will include (eventually) geo location, storage and browser connected intelligence. From a device perspective there will be an application cache for offline use.

Best Practices (mobile)

CSS3 will allow media queries to determine device capabilities, use it but don’t rely on it, not all devices will report correctly.

Javascript, use it at the end as browser pauses to download it.

Images, need to be careful due to size etc

HTTP, minimise requests, use canvas or SVG for building UI elements.

Widget = App, there is no real difference.

W3C is creating a standard for widgets.

W3C Device and Protocols (DAP) working on defining javascript API’s for contacts, calendar, media capture and messaging.

Bryan Rieger, Rethinking the Mobile Web


Start with desktop site and add media queries to make it mobile. This does not work in the majority of cases (this is what @brucel was saying).

Another good show. Be interesting to see how/if the event is spiced up next year. Lots of repeat sessions from ’09. It was also very well attended by developers, being a developer event this was obviously good, certainly less business people around.

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