WA Consultants

WA Consultants is a privately held pan-European engineering solutions company, operating within the high-technology, electronics and IT systems arena for over 20 years. Our business model is designed to offer a flexible and adaptive solution to resourcing needs, providing contracted engineers/specialists for a specified length of assignment. We have knowledge, proficiency and resources to find the skills as and when demand arises.


ViaFo is a provider of mobile solutions for individuals and enterprises based out of Seattle, WA, USA.

Consumer Solutions

Built on our own framework, our consumer solutions represent a complete RSS Reader and Social Networking Aggregation platform. Available for individuals and organisations to White Label our technology.

Enterprises and Organisations

Using ViaFo’s technology to build your cross-platform mobile experience you can save time and money getting a compelling, extendable, interactive experience to market in record time. Our technology works across multiple fields including: health care, sales force automation, CRM, logistics, education, event management and many others.

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