Business Development – Mobile Applications Provider

Pyxis Ventures has been representing the EMEA based sales and business development operations of a West Coast USA technology startup.

Operator Handset v’s OEM Vanilla Handset

When an OEM brings a handset to market (vanilla handset*) it is likely to be 3-6 months before most Operators can range it in their portfolio’s due to the customisations that the Operators require. An analysis was made in conjunction with the OEM and a number of Operators to understand the issues the OEM had bringing the handset to market and how that impacted its delivery to the Operator. The analysis also included the view from the Operators perspective and the effort that was required from them to get the handset on to the network. The report concluded that if there was greater cooperation between the Operator and the OEM and a third party was used to test and integrate the Operator customisations all parties could save money and limit the number of people involved.

*Vanilla handset, without Operator customisation, as the manufacturer intended.

Market Analysis – Data Discovery

A company with an innovative data discovery solution approached Pyxis Ventures to help it ascertain how suitable its offering was for the mobile market. Interviews were undertaken with key industry players to understand fit, need and suitability of solution. A final report was delivered highlighting the ecosystem and the market that would be operated in, routes to market and future developments that need to be in place. The company used this document to determine how to structure the company and investment that was required should they wish to enter the mobile market place.

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