The emergence of the iPhone introduced mobile applications to the public in a way not seen before. Mobile data consumption has risen accordingly as has other smartphones and smartphone platforms. Within its first year Apples app store managed to rack up 65,000 applications available for download.

Mobile services are creeping into our daily lives without us realising. Applications like social networking, location based services and video/music streaming are becoming the norm. Others we have not thought of will be the new Twitter in 5 years time.

Whilst there is opportunity there are also many hurdles to overcome. The iPhone is not the only handset that can run applications but which handset, platform, OEM, Operator do you chose to build your application or service on? The mobile industry is complex and fragmented, so where do you start?

Areas Served

  • Advertising
  • Digital Media Agencies
  • Start-ups
  • Applications Developers


  • Market Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Product Management
  • Product Creation

Programme Management

  • Feasibility studies
  • Requirements management
  • Vendor selection

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