Nov 24

The Over The Air 2009 (OTA’09) event at Imperial College was the most fun I have had for ages. Did not know what to expect with ‘lots’ of developers around but it was a very enjoyable event (and it was free! Bonus)

It struck me that this was going to slightly different when on entering the main hall for the keynotes there were a hundred or so bean bags laid out for people to sit on and a Dalek sat in the middle of the room.

There is a Dalek in the room?

Vodafone 360 had been released the day before so Rick Fant from Vodafone was up first to give us the low down. Lots of buzz about Widgets, Web 2.0, web development for mobile etc. Interestingly he did say that any app would be allowed as long as it had no malicious intent or content restrictions. VoIP?

Caroline Lewko from Wireless Industry Partnership was very good with a few good stats and tips for developers:

110M iPods

800M Cars

1B Personal Computers

1.2B Internet connections

3.6B handsets – Opportunity!

Survival tips for app stores :

    • Define own market
    • Choose your region – don’t forget localisation
    • Pick your platform
    • Check out charges and time to launch, payment etc
    • Don’t underestimate effort to submit app
    • Pricing – pay, free now pay later (lite/full), micropayments, in app payments
    • Get noticed, app store placement, optimisation and market
    • Monogamy is overrated – don’t limit to one store
    • Measure and analyse

Next up was Jason Daponte from the BBC, some predictions:

    • Mobile will take centre stage
    • Everything becoming connected
    • Everything filtered by location
    • Mass participation and creatvity will grow – Shoot the summer

Saw some friends that were attending at lunch and then came the sessions.

O2 Litmus

I like these guys. They seem to be really considering what developers want and the support they need. I think it could evolve into something quite compelling. They are already ahead of the competition (IMHO). They also had a Palm Pre to play with which was nice.


This guy was from Nokia. A very good and well balanced discussion of Nokia developer support and Qt. Some quotes:

“In year 2000 we were doing well. Been on slide for a while now!”

“Been letting down developers”

“Finnish engineers do not know anything about beauty”.

I also attended a session on UI design and one on augmented reality and image recognition. Think Shazam with pictures.

Great day, it was like being back at university would highly recommend.

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